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100 x 4th Moult Hoppers (Shistocerca gregaria)

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100 x 4th Moult Hoppers (Shistocerca gregaria)


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In order to ensure that you receive the freshest possible product during the festive period, some deliveries of live reptile foods may take longer than usual to arrive with you.

Orders placed between 22-28th December will be dispatched from our supplier on Monday 29th December.

Orders placed between 31st December-4th January will be dispatched from our supplier on Monday 5th January.

Suitable for reptiles, amphibians, arachnids, birds, and some small mammals.

Containing approximately 100 4th Moult Hoppers (Shistocerca gregaria) this is a great way to feed your reptile.

Hoppers are approximately 28-32mm and are packed in a safe and ventilated bag.Storage information:Once you receive your hoppers, empty the contents of the bag into a larger, smooth sided container with plenty of ventilation.

Provide perching areas in the form of egg card, for example, around the sides of the containers.

Add some thinly sliced potato or carrot for moisture.

You will not need more than a couple of slices, but you will need to change this regularly.Feed your hopper a broad green leaf vegetable for both food and moisture.

Also offer a small amount of wheat bran.Keep your hoppers at around 70-75 F (21-24 C), and keep them away from bright light.