Adaptil and Feliway Adaptil Feliway Cat and Dog

Stress Free Summer with Adaptil and Feliway

Holidays are great fun for the family however they can sometimes be difficult for your beloved pet. Many owners notice their pets behaving differently when the family prepare to go on holiday such as acting withdrawn.

If your dog is going into kennels, consider an Adaptil collar. While kennels do their utmost to keep the digs happy and stimulated the change in their environment can still be stressful for your dog (strange noises, change in routine, and separation from owners). The positive effect Adaptil has on kennel stress is so great that they are widely used by rescue organisations including the Dogs Trust.

If your dog is lucky enough to come on holiday with you they can sometimes find travelling and settling into holiday home difficult. Many dogs will pant, whine, tremble etc. during car travel. Using an Adaptil Collar or Spray will prevent or reduce this behaviour.

Don’t forget your cat! Taking your cat to a cattery means taking him/her out of its home environment and putting it into an area that is unfamiliar – this can be quite a frightening experience. Using Feliway spray in all the corners of the pen daily will mark the area with the facial pheromone, making the area familiar and can help your cat settle in.