Shopping list for your bird


Ideally you should get the biggest cage you can afford, but it should at least meet the minimum recommended size for the species.


These give your bird somewhere to rest. Getting a few will add variety to the cage and encourage your bird to exercise.


This should be sand or wood-based.

Food and water holders


Birds are highly intelligent and love puzzle toys - bright colours always go down well too!

Bird bath

Helps your pet keep itself clean and provides a fun activity too.

Seed mix

Get an appropriate mix for the species.


This is a nutritious grain used to feed many types of bird.


Provides a calcium and mineral supplement for your bird.

Bird grit

Help your bird's digestion.

Egg food

A dietary supplement for proteins and vitamins.

Bird-safe disinfectant

Needed to clean your pet's cage.

Iodine block

For budgerigars, who have a naturally high requirement for iodine.