Vetbeds and Flectabeds for cats

We all know a cat who likes to find the one warmest spot in the house - so these beds are designed to make that spot anywhere you or your cat wants it to be!


Vetbeds are widely used by vets to keep animals warm, and they're just as good for domestic use. With double-strength polyester and a high density of fibres, they're excellent at retaining heat without being stuffy, and they have a draining ability to ensure that your cat can stay comfy even when they come in from the rain. In particular, this is useful for younger kittens who might have little accidents while you're house-training them, while older cats will enjoy the relief that the constant warmth brings to muscles and joints.


Flectabeds keep your cat warm using multi-layered fibres to trap warm air for excellent thermal insulation. They also have a reflective surface, allowing your cat's body heat to be reflected back to them for extra warmth. The Flectabed Q also comes with a detachable quilted cover, making it the ideal solution for older cats or those with arthritis and joint problems, offering them a soft and supportive place to rest.