Dental Care

Dental care is important for cats just as it is for humans; healthy teeth ensure they can eat, play and maintain a healthy diet throughout their lives.

Just like human teeth, cats can develop a build-up of plaque, which if left untouched can turn into tartar. This can cause gum problems and infection, so it's important you find ways to keep your cat's teeth healthy. Brushing your cat's teeth should be part of your grooming routine - it's not as hard as it looks, and your cat will soon get used to it! Simply use a soft-headed brush and palatable cat toothpaste to ensure your cat is comfortable throughout the process.

Chewable dental care treats and toys will also prevent plaque build-up, as will food containing polyphosphate minerals - this stays on the teeth after eating, preventing tartar from setting in.

If you're not confident brushing your cat's teeth, or you need some advice about the right kind of dental care for your pet, contact your vet or one of our in-store specialists for help and support.