Stains and odours

Cat owners, especially those with new kittens, probably know all too well how easy it is to end up dealing with a few accidents while house-training your pets. However, tackling stains and odours is simple - as is preventing them!

At Pets at Home we offer a range of cleaning products to help you keep carpets and furniture stain-free and smelling fresh, to ensure you don't end up with discolouration or permanent marks. You'll also find air fresheners hugely beneficial, especially in living areas and wherever it is your cats spend most of their time. They'll tend to mark their territory on whatever smells the most like the other members of your household - so keep doors to bedrooms and wardrobes firmly closed!

It's essential that you keep the litter tray clean and change it often, as even house-trained cats will not use it if it smells. Bear in mind that cats are extremely sensitive to household cleaning products, so find a pet-friendly solution to wash the litter tray down with.