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Cat - The psychological effects og a healthy diet

The psychological effects of a healthy diet

Diet plays an important part in our everyday brainpower, as well as our moods - and cats are no different! To maintain the reflexes and the cognitive skills they need to navigate their surroundings, cats need to be kept on a diet that delivers plenty to keep their wits about them as they grow - helping them to maintain their smarts well into adult life.

Just as good food is better for humans, a natural or Advanced Nutrition diet can really change your cat’s life - take a look to see the difference it could make!


Cats require plenty of omega oils in their diet to promote brain development, which in turn increases their cognitive abilities. This not only makes it much easier for them to learn tricks and be trained to use the litter box, but will also help their spatial awareness and reflexes - allowing them to be as agile as possible to explore their surroundings!


Good food also has an incredibly positive effect on your pet’s body. Healthy food full of the right fats, oils and nutrients contribute much more to your cat’s joints and muscle development, giving them a much stronger footing and making them much more capable of looking after themselves. This improved vitality makes even indoor cats far more confident, and helps older cats stay active and inquisitive throughout their lives.


One of the biggest and most noticeable benefits of a healthier diet is its impact on your cat’s overall happiness. A poor diet can contribute to mood imbalance and lethargy in cats, but as long as they’re getting all of the nutrients they need and they’re eating a satisfying meal full of goodness and healthy ingredients, you should notice a massive improvement in their quality of life!