Gradual progression to new foods

Cat - Gradual progression to new foods

What to look out for as you get your cat onto a new diet

Cats are fussy creatures, and they can be quite sensitive to change, so when you’re switching them over to a healthier cat food it’s important to do so gradually to help them get used to it. This will also allow their stomachs to adjust to the new diet - eliminating the concern of a lot of pet owners about cats being unwell when trying new food.

To get the best result from your cat’s food, you should switch them over the course of about ten days. Here’s how to get started:

Start by mixing your cat’s food so that it’s about 25 per cent new food and 75 per cent of their regular food. Feed that for about three days, keeping an eye out to make sure that they seem happy and healthy.

After three days, increase the amount so that their food is now half new and half regular, and feed for another three days.

As long as everything is okay, you can increase this to 75 per cent new food for three days.

Finally, you can begin feeding just the new diet, and get rid of the standard food altogether!

Do keep an eye on your cat, and slow down the gradual change if you notice that they seem sick, constipated or have looser stools than usual (keep an eye on their poo!).

Almost all cats switch over really easily with this kind of graduation, but if you have any concerns one of our in-store colleagues will be able to talk you through any questions you have, so you can be sure of our support every step of the way!