Pets at Home Complete

Our Pets at Home Complete range of cat foods offers nutritional value at every stage of your cat's life - and at a great price. Take a look below to find the right food for your cat.


Our Kitten Complete cat food has been specially developed to meet the unique nutritional needs at this critical stage of your kitten’s development. Our formulas are made with high quality GM-free meat and fish, and we’ve carefully blended protein and fibre for optimum digestibility to ensure your kitten has all the nutrients for proper growth, stamina and overall well-being.


Our Adult Complete cat food has been specially formulated to promote your cat’s health. Made with high quality meat and fish alongside rice, barley, vitamins and natural antioxidants, our recipes offer great taste and freshness. We've calculated just the right balance of protein and fibre for optimum digestibility, to bring out the best in your cat.


Our Senior Complete cat food has been designed to support the nutritional needs of your mature cat. Our formulas are made with quality fresh meat, and all ingredients are GM-free. We’ve carefully blended protein and fibre for gentle digestibility to help support your cat’s metabolism. Because older cats are less active, our special formulation targets their specific nutritional needs to help ensure a healthy retirement!

Specialist Diet

Cats are particular creatures; they know what they want and that’s part of why we love them and care about what we feed them. Because of this, Nutrition Centre includes a range of special diets, each formulated not only for different life stages but different needs too.

Light: Light diets reduce calorie intake and help to prevent obesity - ideal for cats that like to just keep eating!

Indoor: For the cat who doesn’t like the rain and prefers a cosy armchair! Indoor diets have a lower calorie content, perfect for a less active cat.

Hairball: For cats that like to look their best, but can’t help coughing up a hairball after a grooming session. Hairball diets contain more vegetable fibre to sweep the loose hair through the intestine and prevent it accumulating into hairballs.

Oral Care: It is said that 75% of cats have poor dental health, and although we love our cats we don’t love their bad breath! While all Nutrition Centre diets promote dental health, special Oral Care diets reduce tartar and plaque build-up, and the larger kibble acts like a toothbrush as your cat bites down, freshening breath too.

Sensitive Skin: No cat feels its best with itchy skin and a dull coat. All Nutrition Centre diets promote healthy skin and coat, but sensitive skin diets are supplemented with extra amino acids and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to encourage the renewal of skin cells, improving the overall health and appearance of the skin and coat.

Sensitive Stomach: For sensitive cats that often suffer from stomach upsets, or even just a ‘growling’ tummy. Sensitive stomachs are often caused by allergies to milk, wheat and beef, so a sensitive stomach diet draws its protein source from egg and other meats, and its carbohydrate from rice, maximising digestibility and absorption. Its additional fibres help to mobilise and nourish the intestines.

The nutrition centre also offers a small range of breed-specific diets, for cats that need a little extra boost in their diet.

Maine Coon: With kibbles to suit the shape of their jaws and a formula which promotes a shiny coat, this food is especially developed for this gentle long-haired giant.

Persian: Our diet for Persians contains special fibres to prevent hairballs and kibbles to suit the Persian jaw shape. It's also optimised to maximise the shine of its luxurious coat.

Siamese: High in protein, low in fat with a kibble shape to slow ingestion, this formulation helps to maintain the slender athletic body of these cats. The unique recipe is made to satisfy even the pickiest eater, too!