Lifestages: Kitten

As we all know, kittens are lively bundles of fun and seem to have endless energy reserves - in fact they need over double the energy of adult cats! That means they need a quality diet to provide all the nutrients they need for healthy development, as well as the energy to play all day. The Advanced Nutrition and natural kitten diets are formulated especially for this exciting time of life.

Lifestags: Kitten

High quality ingredients ensure optimum digestibility, meaning that all the goodness is absorbed rather than wasted.

Kitten-friendly bite-sized kibbles are easier for their little jaws and tummies.

High protein levels ensure optimum growth and calorie intake for energy.

Calcium and phosphorous both help to build strong bones, while antioxidants support developing immune systems.

We have a wide range of specialist kitten food brands which we recommend. If you want to change your kitten’s diet to an Advanced Nutrition or natural food, do so gradually over a period of seven days, mixing increasing proportions of the new food into the old. This will ease the transition on your kitten’s sensitive digestive system.

Ensure you feed the correct daily allowance, and do not overfeed. Kittens will eat little but often, so leaving their allowance out for them to graze is ideal.

Your kitten will reach maturity at around 12 months, so this is the time to move from a kitten diet to adult. Again, it is sensible to do this over a few days.

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