Making cat food more appealing

Switching your cat over to a new diet can sometimes be difficult; cats are notoriously fussy animals and some are rather wary of change, so as well as ensuring that their switch to new food is implemented gradually you could also consider other ways of encouraging them to eat. You might find that it takes them a few days to get used to it, but with just a few small changes you can make your cat’s food bowl seem more enticing and smell more familiar.

While trying to get your cat to eat more, it’s also worth ruling out any medical issues that might be making them more cautious about their food. If it’s upsetting their stomach, they’ll learn not to eat it - meaning that even if they’re hungry they won’t go for it.

Visit a vet to check your pet for any allergies, and opt for a hypo-allergenic food if that would be more suited to your pet’s digestion. They might also be struggling with a dental issue that makes the food difficult to chew.

Cats tend to graze on food throughout the day, but you’re still in charge of how much and often they eat, so make sure you keep their routine the same to prevent any anxiety around their food.

If you’re really struggling to get them to take to their new diet, a little warm water in the bowl can sometimes help - this will boost the smells and flavours of the food, making it much more tempting!