Keeping Your Kitten Fit & Healthy

Kittens don't need much encouragement to be active and playful, but it's important to make sure they do so safely! They will need to have their first batch of vaccinations at around eight weeks old, and a second batch as 12 weeks - and they shouldn't be allowed to play outside until this has been completed. You should also have them microchipped, so that they can be returned to you if found outside. This can be performed by a vet, including our own Companion Care Vets in store.

Once your kitten is old enough to go outside, you'll find that they mostly keep themselves fit as they learn to jump, pounce, track and hunt smaller animals. If you're planning on keeping your kitten indoors however, you'll need to make sure they have an outlet for this natural feline behaviour. Toys which encourage hunting and pouncing are ideal - look out for teaser wands and climbable structures for them to stay bright and active as they grow up.