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The psychological effects of a healthy diet

The psychological effects of a healthy diet

All animals need to stay sharp to understand the world around them, and dogs are no different; every day we ask them to learn something new and adjust to live with humans rather than in a pack of other animals! To do this it’s important that we keep their mind and their reflexes active, ensuring that they get the most out of their surroundings and grow into smart, intelligent pets.

Good food is good for all of us, and you’ll find that a shift to a natural or Advanced Nutrition diet could really perk your dog up. This is for a number of reasons, so read ahead to find out how a new diet really could change your dog’s life!


Food with plenty of antioxidants, like Vitamins E and C, has been proven to help a dog maintain its cognitive abilities for longer, meaning that it can learn quickly throughout its life - so you can forget the saying that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks! This doesn’t just apply to obvious tasks like learning tricks and being trained, but also helps a dog to develop its spatial awareness and adjust to new environments.


As dogs get older their cognitive abilities can start to decline, so it’s important at this time that we provide them with plenty of vitamins to keep them on top of things. However, diet is important for growth at every stage of a dog’s life, and developing strength in the muscles and joints will do wonders for your dog’s confidence.


More than anything else, a healthy diet will significantly contribute to your dog’s overall happiness. Poor diet can manifest itself in a number of different ways, often undetected by human owners, but a balanced food providing a satisfying dose of everything your dog needs will result in a fit and happy pet!

Brain Games

Keep your dog’s brain active by making meal times fun. Scatter kibble and encourage your dog to forage for it, or slow your dog down using a green feeder or slow bowl. You can also give your dog a mental challenge by hiding their dinner in a food toy such as a kong or wobbler, or go a step further and hide food in puzzle toys.

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