Terriers Dog Breeds

Terriers were primarily bred in Britain to help hunting parties root out burrowing game like rabbits, and they retain their instincts for digging. They are courageous, high-spirited and energetic, but can be noisy and require time and patience to train effectively. While they tend to be loyal and affectionate with their owners, they may not get on well with small children or other pets. Some breeds have been bred down to toy size, but often exhibit the behaviour of larger dogs, and have been known to challenge dogs much bigger than them.

Types of terrier:

  • Airdale
  • Bedlington
  • Border
  • Bull
  • Cairn
  • Dandie Dinmont
  • Irish
  • Jack Russell
  • Kerry Blue
  • Lakeland
  • Manchester
  • Norfolk
  • Norwich
  • Scottish
  • Sealyham
  • Skye
  • Soft Coat Wheaten
  • Staffordshire Bull
  • Welsh
  • West Highland