Stains and Odours

Dog stains and odours

Owning a dog is hugely rewarding, but sometimes our homes suffer for it - stains and bad odours can create a lot of work and frustration! Whether you're house-training a new puppy, or struggling to keep an older dog smelling clean and pleasant, Pets at Home offers a range of cleaning products to help you keep your home and car fresh.

There are a number of ways to housetrain a dog - while most are too large for litter trays, you may find puppy pads useful to encourage them to only ever use a dedicated space to relieve themselves. This is useful if you are often out of the house - just ensure that there is always a clean one available, or they will begin to smell and your dog will stop using them.

Stains should be acted upon straight away with carpet shampoo, to make sure you don't end up with discolouration. Air fresheners are invaluable, helping you keep bad smells at bay and ensuring you don't need to panic if you have sudden visitors!