Lifestages: Puppy

Your puppy’s first few meals at home are very important. To ensure they do not get an upset stomach, it's best to find out what your puppy was being fed and continue to feed them on the same food for a day or two. If they haven't been eating an Advanced Nutrition brand of dog food, then we recommend you gradually change their diet. This will need to be done slowly over seven days, mixing equal amounts of old and new food into their bowl.

A puppy’s nutritional needs vary significantly from that of an adult dog, and they require a unique and balanced diet which provides the following to help them grow into healthy adults.

  • More energy: Growing puppies typically require about three times more calories than an adult dog of the same size.
  • More protein : To grow so fast puppies need food that is rich in protein to create new body tissues as it grows.
  • Different mineral needs: Calcium and phosphorus requirements are higher to support bone growth.
  • Different antioxidant needs: puppies need more antioxidants to support their developing immune system.
  • DHA: This is important for brain and vision development, and improves trainability.

Advanced Nutrition Puppy Complete has been specially formulated to meet the unique nutritional needs at this critical stage of your puppy’s development. We have carefully blended protein and fibre in an easy-to-digest formula. This ensures your puppy has all the essential nutrients for growth and stamina, for the very best start in life.

We only use quality ingredients to help keep your puppy in the best possible condition. Every meal contains a high meat content which is sourced from UK farms. It is also non-GM and contains no added colourants, flavourings or preservatives.

When you wash your puppy's bowls only use water, as washing up liquid can harm their delicate stomachs. It’s advisable to wash bowls separately from your own.

It’s also important to remember that not all dogs are the same; there are foods available for all different sizes of dog, and each puppy has different dietary needs.

  • Small breed puppies (up to 10kg at maturity e.g. Corgi, Scottie, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel):

    Feed a Small Breed or Standard Puppy Complete food.

  • Medium breed puppies (10-25kg at maturity, e.g. Airdale, Pointer, Bulldog, Border Collie, Dalmation):

    Feed a Standard Puppy Complete food.

  • Large breed puppies (25-45kg at maturity e.g. Golden Retriever, Labrador, German Shepherd, Boxer):

    Feed a Large Breed Puppy Complete food.