Making dog food more appealing

Switching your dog to a new food can be even harder if you have fussy pets - all dogs have their own personalities, and some of them know exactly what they do and don’t like! You might find that your dog needs a little encouragement when switching to a healthier food, so it’s worth trying out a few different options.

This could involve extra training, but many people find it easier to make small additions to their pet’s bowl to make the food smell a little more familiar and enticing for cautious dogs.

Before heading down this route, you might find it helpful to rule out any medical issues which might be stopping your pet from eating new food. This might be a dental problem making it harder for them to chew food with a different texture to what they’re used to, or they might have an allergy to one of the ingredients which you can’t detect. It’s rare that this should happen, but it’s worth checking with a vet if you’re really struggling to switch your dog’s diet.

Sometimes dogs need a little re-training when something changes, so reinforce the fact that their feeding habits need to remain the same by making sure you only ever feed them at the same times each day, and keep a routine they can get used to. Leave less dry food out in the day if you do this, as they’ll be more likely to eat when they get their main meals!

Finally, you can add something to their bowl, but try to only do this for the first week or so while they get used to the taste of their new food. Usually something like a small splash of gravy or even a crumbled piece of meat will do it - and a lot of people say that just a little warm water works, as it helps to bring out the smell of the fats and oils to make your dog more interested in it!

If you’re still having trouble, pop in and have a chat with one of our Colleagues, who will be able to give you some tips and advice specific to your dog.

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