Pets at Home Complete

Our Pets at Home Complete range of dog foods offers nutritional value at every stage of your dog's life - and at a great price. Take a look below to find the right food for your dog.

Puppy food

We recommend you feed your puppy Advanced Nutrition Puppy Complete or Large Breed Puppy Complete for their first 12 months, as it has been specially developed to meet the unique nutritional needs of growing dogs. We've blended protein and fibre for optimum digestibility, ensuring your puppy has all the nutrients for proper growth, stamina and overall well-being for the very best start in life.

Adult Food

Our Advanced Nutrition Adult Complete dog food is designed for dogs aged between 12 months and seven years. It's been specially formulated to promote your dog’s health and vitality, and is made with high-quality ingredients for great taste and freshness. We only use the best ingredients to help keep your dog in the best possible condition, and we've carefully calculated the amount of protein and fibre to bring out the best in your dog.

Senior Food

From seven years of age, we recommend you feed your dog Advanced Nutrition Senior Complete, as it has been specially formulated to support the nutritional needs of older dogs. We’ve chosen a gentle combination of protein and fibre for easy digestibility to help support your dog’s metabolism. Put simply, Pets at Home Senior Complete will ensure your dog enjoys a happy, healthy retirement.