Settling in

When your puppy first arrives, there will be plenty to get used to - here are a few things you can do to help them get comfortable and explore their surroundings safely.

The first thing you'll need to do for your new puppy is place a sleeping and resting area for them. An indoor crate or puppy pen is ideal, giving them somewhere to retreat to if the new sights and smells become too overwhelming for them. Consider how large your puppy is likely to get as they grow older when choosing a crate, and make sure you place it somewhere away from draughts and with plenty of privacy.

Your new pet is likely to feel like exploring as soon as they can, so it's vital that you puppy-proof your home before you let them roam free! They're naturally inquisitive animals, and they love to chew and play with new things that they find, so make sure anything valuable or dangerous is out of reach. Dog gates are useful for controlling exactly where your puppy can and can't go, ensuring you can introduce them to each part of the house at a time.

If your puppy still seems nervous after a few days, you could try a pheromone diffusing spray to help calm them - these will mimic the normal pheromones of a happy dog, and make them feel a lot more content to settle down!