Chewers and Dental

Dogs can develop plaque build-up on their teeth just like we can, and it's a natural canine instinct to chew on things to keep teeth healthy and plaque-free. There are a number of toys out there which encourage this natural action, giving your dog a full dental work out.

Dental Chews

Pets at Home carries a range of dental chews designed to clean teeth, remove plaque and even freshen your dog's breath. Nylabones are a popular option, available in a range of sizes for dogs of all ages and in different flavours to appeal to even the fussiest of dogs! We also offer puppy teething sticks and teething blankets so that younger dogs have something gentle to chew on.

Rope Toys

Rope toys are great for playing tug of war, and for throwing balls a further distance using the rope to launch it in unexpected directions. They're great for dog's teeth, too, as they massage and clean the teeth while they're being chewed, making them the ideal toy to play with together!