Toys For Training & Education

Training your dog becomes much easier - and a lot more fun - when you have a collection of toys and training aids to help keep your pet engaged. The best toys allow dogs to carry out their natural canine instincts, such as chewing and hunting, while learning which items it is appropriate to interact with and which valuable household items to leave alone!

Rubber toys

Rubber toys are perfect for dogs who like to chew, and are available in a range of sizes and shapes to be comfortable for dogs of all ages. Pick one that bounces, tumbles and rolls to keep your dog on their toes as they chase it, and look out for the more comical ones to keep the family entertained!

Puzzle toys

Puzzle toys are great for the smarter dogs who need something a little more challenging to keep them occupied - they're hugely popular with Border Collies in particular! Designed to make use of your dog's natural hunting instincts, most toys require a little thinking and interaction to produce a treat.

Treat balls

Treat balls also make use of your dog's foraging and hunting skills, releasing a treat each time the ball is rolled or pulled a certain way. These are ideal for encouraging dogs that are usually uninterested in toys, and they'll keep pets amused for hours as they work out how to release the next treat. They're especially useful for dogs when left on their own as a tool to keep them happy and occupied.


Kongs are extra-tough rubber toys for dogs that just can't stop chewing. They're made with durable rubber designed to withstand plenty of wear and tear, and are even scented to encourage chewing and playing, helping your dog to develop strong teeth and jaw muscles. Most have a hole inside so that you can hide treats for your dog to find, and they bounce enough to be chased around the garden!

Kong toys are also available in puppy sizes, complete with a slightly softer rubber for dogs with developing jaws and teeth. They're perfect just out of the fridge to offer a little pain relief for teething puppies!