Collars, Leads and Harnesses


By law, all dogs are required to carry some form of identification on them when they leave the house, so a collar and tag is essential as soon as your puppy is old enough to take outside, as well as a microchip. Make sure the collar is comfortable, and that it is fitted well - you should be able to put two fingers underneath the collar while your dog is wearing it, to ensure they are not restricted. Lightweight nylon collars are the best choice for puppies and for small dogs, while stronger braided nylon and leather options are better for larger dogs. Remember that puppies grow quickly, so you'll need to adjust or replace the collar regularly!


There are a number of different leads available, whether you need a long one for training, a regular length everyday use option or shorter leads for those walking dogs close to heavy traffic. Many dog owners find that extending leads are the best option, as these are adjustable.

Some sources online will recommend the use of a check chain in order to train your pet. These tighten around your dog's neck if they pull too hard on the lead, and can be painful. We don't recommend that you ever use these for training - speak to an expert for more information if you are having difficulty with your training.


Harnesses are useful in specific training situations, and are ideal for keeping your dog safe while transporting them. Small dogs such as Chihuahuas will find harnesses more comfortable than collars, and will allow you to keep them on a lead without creating too much pressure around the neck. This is also true of particularly large or strong dogs that pull too hard, as the harness will give you greater control and stopping power.

Muzzles can also be effective in training, and to keep yourself and others safe if your dog is uncomfortable or acting aggressively. Make sure you never leave a dog unattended in a muzzle - if you're concerned about their behaviour, come and speak to one of our colleagues in-store who will be able to recommend some training tips.