Training aids

There are a number of toys and tools you can use to make training easier - take a look at our guide to see which the best is for each training session. Our in-store team will also be able to take you through the whole range, if you're not sure where to start!

Clicker Training

Clicker training is a new form of obedience training which is becoming extremely popular at the moment. Using a "clicker" you can train your dog to associate the sound of the click with a feeling of reward, making it far easier and quicker to train and reward your dog when they do something right. It's as simple as clicking the clicker every time you reward them, and will enable your dog to know which precise action is being rewarded.

Shopping for training tools

There are a number of basic items you will need before training your dog - make sure you have everything you plan to use from this checklist before starting out.

Whistle: This will be a useful tool for calling your dog, especially when they're too far away to hear you shout.
Great for: Pets that don't respond when called.

Crate or indoor kennel: providing your dog with a personal den inside your home will give them a space to relax, and make it easier to control where they relieve themselves while you are house training them!
Great for: House training and treating separation anxiety.

Treats: Dogs are motivated by tasty morsels, so pick their favourite dog treats or even some small chunks of meat. Make sure you spread training sessions out, so that you don't over-feed them while rewarding them.
Great for: Obedience training, and rewarding all good behaviour.

Extending lead: This will help you teach your dog to come when called, and give them a little more freedom to explore when you're out and about.
Great for: Teaching dogs to respond to being called, and allowing dog’s restricted freedom.

Collar and lead: A normal lead is usually lighter than an extending lead, ideal for teaching your dog not to pull and how to walk on a loose lead.
Great for: Loose lead training and walking in high-traffic areas.

Gentle Leader/Halti: These special leads wrap around your dog's face, allowing you better steering control and making your dog more aware of when it is pulling.
Great for: Dogs that pull too much on their lead.