Preparing to travel safely

There are a number of things you can do to prepare your dog for a long journey, whether you plan to travel by car, plane or other public transport. Take a look at our checklist for an idea of where to start.

One month before your journey:

  • Purchase a secure carrier for your dog, and ensure it is large enough for your dog to stand up, sit down, lie down and turn around.
  • Start taking your dog on short journeys in the car inside the carrier, to make sure they are used to it by the time you head off on holiday. You could also encourage your dog to use the crate as a kennel, to give them time to get comfortable inside it.
  • Plan to travel at less busy times of the day if you are going by car, train or ferry, as this will ensure your dog is not unnecessarily stressed by the journey.
  • Check pet policies of the transport authorities you are travelling with, and find out if they have any of their own required safety measure before they will allow your pet to travel.

One week before your journey:

  • Make sure your dog has been treated for fleas and worms. We have a qualified team in-store who can administer this for you if you need us to.
  • Ensure your pet is micro-chipped, and that all of their chip information is up to date.
  • Have a personalised name tag printed up with your name and the telephone number you will be using while abroad.
  • Purchase Pheromone Sprays: these are designed to replicate the mothers natural smell helping to keep your dog calm and happy.You should start spraying this around your dogs bedding or travel carrier daily for about a week before you travel and then also on the day of travel.

The day before your journey:

  • Make sure you have plenty of water packed - your dog should have access to water at all times during your journey.
  • Avoid feeding your dog in the two hours before you travel. Your pet will travel better on an empty stomach.
  • Check that your pet has no way of getting out of their carrier, and that they are happy and comfortable to sit inside it.
  • Line the carrier with bedding and include a favourite toy, to help your dog stay calm and prevent them from being distressed during the journey.