Travel shopping list

Travel shopping list for your dog

The ultimate guide to the items you'll need before you set off

  • Pet carrier or harness to keep your dog safe and secure.
  • Pet bed and blanket to make sure your dog is comfortable and has familiar items around them.
  • Non-spill bowl for comfort and entertainment.
  • Pet food in case the journey is long or unexpectedly delayed.
  • Collar and lead to prevent your dog running from the car when you let them out.
  • Towels to wipe muddy paws after letting your dog out for exercise.
  • Doggy bags to clean up after your dog.
  • Seat covers to protect your car upholstery from harnessed dogs.
  • Spiral tie-out stake and cable, in case you need to tie you dog up outside durng your holiday.
  • Personalised pet-tag with up to date contact details.