Feeding your bearded dragon

Bearded dragons are omnivores, meaning they eat both insects and plants. As a guide, live insects such as locusts, mealworms, earthworms and crickets should make up about 50 per cent of an adult bearded dragon’s diet. You may want to try your bearded dragon on pinkie mice, but only give these occasionally.

The other 50 per cent of your pet's diet should be made up of either fresh or dried food. Fresh food should be mostly greens such as dandelions, watercress, spring greens and rocket, with some vegetables such as grated carrot or pepper.

Any insects you feed your dragon should be no bigger in length than the distance between his or her eyes. Before feeding the insects to your pet, dust them in vitamin and mineral powder by shaking them in a sealed container. Release the insects into the vivarium live - this will allow your dragon to hunt them as he or she would in the wild.

You can also supply calcium powder in a small bowl.

Any food that is not eaten must be removed from the vivarium each day.

If you are keeping several bearded dragons in one vivarium, create a few different feeding sites so each dragon has the chance to reach the food provided.