Keeping your bearded dragon fit and healthy

As long as they are given the correct food, environment, care and attention, bearded dragons are normally problem free. Humidity and poor ventilation should be avoided at all costs.

A healthy bearded dragon will be bright eyed, have strong legs and be active in searching for food during the day. Personal hygiene is as important for reptiles as it is all other types of pets. Pet owners should wash their hands after contact and pet food dishes should be washed separately.

It is natural for all lizards to shed their skin which comes off in small pieces rather than all in one like snakes. Baby dragons may shed their entire skin almost once a month in the first year. Whilst this is happening they may look a little shabby, but this is nothing to worry about.

All vets have a basic understanding of reptiles but those with a specialist interest are worth seeking out. If your pet shows any signs.