Shopping list for your bearded dragon

Be sure that you have all the supplies you need to take care of your bearded dragon before you bring him home. You may want to use this list to help you:

A vivarium

Bearded dragons can grow to be 24 inches, and will need a cage that's at least 90cm long. Bear in mind that it’s a case of the bigger the better! Lighting unit and specialist reptile UV lights: These reptiles need the right levels of ultraviolet (UV) light to allow them to absorb the calcium they need to stay healthy. Choose the highest UV rated specialist reptile lights and replace them every six to nine months.

Heat lamp

Recreate desert conditions with a spotlight at one end of the vivarium. The temperature under this heat lamp should be at least 35C.

Heat rock or heat mat

To allow your bearded dragon to choose warmer or cooler places of the tank.


Essential kit that will accurately control the temperature in the vivarium.


Check the tank's temperature regularly.


This will reflect the UV rays from the light source back into the tank, virtually doubling its output.

Food dishes

Fresh or prepared food should be available to your pet at all times, while calcium powder can be kept in a small bowl in the cage.

Water dishes

Water should be available to your bearded dragon at all times. You could also buy a spray bottle to lightly spray baby bearded dragons with until they learn how to use the water bowl.

Calcium supplement

Provide calcium powder in a small bowl.

Vitamin supplement

You should dust insects in a vitamin and mineral powder before you feed them to your dragon.

Complete dry food

You should make prepared food available to your bearded dragon at all times.

Gut loading insect food

This is nutritious food to give to crickets, mealworms and locusts before you feed them to your bearded dragon.


Cover the floor of the vivarium with substrate such as kitchen towels for baby dragons or sand for adults.

Reptile-safe disinfectant

To keep the vivarium clean.


Liven up your bearded dragon's cage.

Book on caring for bearded dragons

For essential advice and information.