Are leopard geckos right for you?

Leopard geckos are one of the most popular choices for people new to lizard keeping: their attractive appearance, docile and friendly nature and relative ease of care makes them ideal for older children or adults who want a first pet lizard. They are generally solitary creatures and will be happy kept alone, although it's possible to keep a male in the same vivarium as one or two females if desired.

Leopard geckos don't need a great deal of attention, although they're happy to be handled occasionally. The regular duties of a keeper include feeding them and changing their water once a day, cleaning their droppings up every couple of days and giving the vivarium a full clean at least once a month - as long as you have enough time to do all of these things, a leopard gecko could be a great pet for you.

Don't forget that you will need some special equipment to keep your leopard gecko. This includes a vivarium, heat mat and food - most people feed their leopard geckos live crickets, which usually come in plastic boxes from pet stores. Be aware that if you're not careful, crickets can escape from the box and you might see them around your house from time to time!

Leopard geckos live a long time - often 20 years or more! Make sure you're prepared to keep your pet for the long term or will be able to make arrangements to transfer it to a different owner if you cannot. While not exactly affectionate pets, over time, your gecko will form an attachment to you and will enjoy being handled outside the vivarium from time to time.