Are corn snakes the right pet for you?

Exotic and fascinating to observe, corn snakes make great pets for adults and children of all ages. Corn snakes are ideal pets for those who are busy during the day time, as this is when they sleep, and they are generally low maintenance.


One good thing about corn snakes is that they don't have a great need for companionship so are quite happy to be alone. However, you should certainly spend regular time handling your corn snake. They will enjoy the opportunity to be out of their tank exploring a new environment.


Whilst corn snakes are less expensive than other types of snake, they still cost more than most small pets, and you'll need to budget for the initial cost of setting up their home, which you can learn more about in the Shopping list for corn snakes section. It's also a good idea to take out a pet insurance policy for your snake to help you handle any vet bills that you may incur.


Like most reptiles, corn snakes usually live in a vivarium – a glass tank with doors or a lid. A corn snake’s natural environment is in warm countries, so it is important that you control the temperature in their tank. In terms of the substrate you use for their vivarium, we would recommend cage carpet, Aspen bedding or dried bark chips as these are the easiest types to clean.

Whilst you may be tempted to buy as big a vivarium as possible for your corn snake, they are not highly-active creatures and young corn snakes can be intimidated by large vivariums. As a rough guide, the vivarium should be around two-thirds the length of your snake's total body length.


Corn snakes often live for around 20 years, so if you're thinking about keeping one as a pet it's important that you bear in mind that it will be a long-term commitment.