Caring for your corn snake

How to handle me

Corn snakes do not tend to be aggressive and are not venomous. Once used to regular handling they will very rarely bite due to their relaxed and passive nature. They are rather inquisitive and they will move all around their vivarium to explore the surroundings.

Care must be taken when 'waking' up a snake as they may strike due to fear, so slow gentle movements should be made when you are about to pick up the snake. Always use two hands when lifting snakes so you are fully supporting the whole body. Always try to slide your hand under the middle section of the snake to lift, use the other hand to let the snake pass through your hands offering as much support as possible.

You should always let the snakes pass through your hands and you should never grab or restrict the snake as you could easily cause damage to your pet.

Snakes are relatively easy to care for, as they only tend to defecate 1 or 2 days after feeding. Regular spot cleaning will mean a full clean out should only be necessary every 2-3 weeks. When you clean out the housing, disinfect the cage furniture and the inside of the vivarium with a reptile safe disinfectant. Completely dry the contents before replacing in the vivarium with fresh substitute.

Cleanliness is of paramount importance with all pets. Keeping a snake's vivarium clean is an easy task if carried out on a regular basis. Snake faeces tend to be rather large and solid and can be easily removed from the enclosure and then the general area can be cleaned. If you use Aspen, the bedding clumps together and you can remove the faeces and bedding from the soiled area. If you use cage carpet it is good practice to remove the carpet and clean with a suitable reptile disinfectant.

Health and hygiene

Always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water immediately after feeding or handling your corn snake. Also wash after contact with any of their equipment.

Always supervise children to ensure they do not put the snake, (or objects that the snake has been in contact with) near their mouths. Ensure children wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water immediately after handling the snake. Do not kiss your snake.

Our Foam Hand Wash is perfect for use after handling or cleaning your pet and its environment. It contains Byotrol, an effective anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent.