Feeding your corn snake

What do I eat?

Corn snakes are carnivores and opportunist feeders. In the wild they would normally hunt small mammals, birds, and other reptiles.

However, in captivity these types of snakes will solely feed on rodents, with the best choice being mice. Mice are available to buy frozen, they should be fully defrosted at room temperature (not in a microwave) between sheets of absorbent kitchen towel. Carefully dispose of the towels after use and disinfect any surfaces that may have come into contact.

Offering food using tongs or tweezers will help prevent your pet from striking you by mistake.

Young snakes are usually fed 'pinkies' with the size of the prey increasing to adult mice as the snake grows. When healthy, these types of snakes are not picky eaters and most will thrive on a regime of once or twice weekly feeds. Adults may only need feeding once every 10 days. A snakes appetite will diminish around the time of a skin shedding so feeding frequency should be reduced accordingly. Regular feeding of any snake is important to ensure that your pets are in the best possible health!

It is important to provide a large water bowl for your snakes. Snakes will drink regularly but will also use the bowl to bathe in, meaning regular cleaning of the bowl is essential.