Keeping your corn snake fit and healthy

As long as they are given the correct food, environment, care and attention, snakes are generally problem-free, low maintenance and easy to care for pets.

A healthy snake will have a solid muscular body, rounded and tapering to the tail. They also have bright eyes with no cloudiness unless about to shed their skin. Scales are clean and smooth.

As a snake grows it removes its outer skin, known as shedding or sloughing. The first sign that this is about to happen is a cloudiness over the eyes and a dullness on the scales, this could last for a number of days. The snake may also lose its appetite and spend long periods of time in its water bowl or moist hide in preparation for shedding. A healthy snake will shed its skin in one piece, often around some of the vivarium decor. If the snakes sheds in multiple skin pieces it is a good indication the humidity in the enclosure may need increasing.

Following a shed, it is essential for you to ensure that all the skin has been removed, especially around the eyes and the tip of the tail. Any remaining skin should be bathed and gently rubbed to assist in removal of the excess skin.

All vets have a basic understanding of reptiles but those with a specialist interest are worth seeking out. If your pet shows signs of being unwell, contact your vet as soon as possible.

Did you know insurance against unexpected veterinary costs is available for corn snakes in just the same way as it is for cats and dogs!