Shopping list for your corn snake

From creating the perfect home to feeding it the best meals, here you'll find a handy shopping list of everything you'll need to buy when you get a corn snake.


Like most reptiles, corn snakes need to live in an environment that replicates their natural habitat, so if you've decided to buy one, you should provide them with a good home. The basics that you'll need are a vivarium (a glass-fronted tank), heating equipment with a thermometer so you can make sure they're at the right temperature, and a lamp. There are plenty of accessories you can buy to make their home a more exciting place, which you can read more about in our Creating a home for your corn snake section.


Whilst snakes don't really play as such (you'll never be able to make them 'go fetch') they do like to live in an interactive environment that's fun to explore. You can decorate their vivarium with hollowed logs, artificial vines and platforms to make it a more interesting space to live in.


In the wild, corn snakes would feed on small mammals, birds, and other reptiles. In captivity however, corn snakes will solely feed on rodents, with the best choice being mice. You can buy mice frozen, which need to be fully defrosted before use. For more information on which food to buy, visit our Feeding your corn snake section.