Are chinchillas the right animal for you?

About chinchillas

Chinchillas make great animals for older children and adults. They’re easy to look after, friendly and inquisitive. With plenty of care and attention they can become very tame. Chinchillas are timid by nature and are very sensitive to rough handling so they’re not suitable animals for very young children. As they’re nocturnal, chinchillas sleep throughout the day and become active in the evening. Keeping chinchillas as animals is a longterm commitment as they can live between 15-20 years.

Do I like company?

Whilst chinchillas can be kept on their own, keeping them in single sex pairs provides them with companionship and it means they can snuggle up with each other at nap times. If you’d like to keep more than one chinchilla, make sure you buy them at the same time as they’ll already be friends. It can be difficult to introduce chinchillas to one another later on.