Creating a home for your chinchilla

Chinchillas are very active and need lots of space to exercise so buy the biggest cage you can afford.

Ideally, the cage should have several levels or shelves to allow your pets to bounce around their cage. As chinchillas are enthusiastic chewers, a wire mesh cage is essential to ensure that they can’t chew their way out.

Provide a bedroom or a space where they can snuggle up - a nesting box full of hay or other cosy bedding material will help them feel secure.

Position their cage away from direct sunlight, radiators or draughts. Chinchillas don’t like high temperatures and can suffer from heat stroke which can be very serious if not treated quickly.

A chinchilla marble is great for keeping your pets cool in warm weather. Cool the marble in your fridge and then pop it in their cage for a long-lasting cool spot.