Feeding your chinchilla

Good quality chinchilla pellets will provide a good basic diet for your animals.

Whilst in our care, we feed them Pets at Home chinchilla pellets and recommend that you continue to do so – this will help to minimise stress caused by a change of food at the same time as being taken to a new home. If you do wish to change their diet, introduce new food slowly over a period of about 10 days, phasing out the old food completely. This gradual introduction will allow their digestive system to become accustomed to the new food.

A supply of good quality hay, such as Timothy Hay, should always be readily available in your animals’ cage. Hay provides essential fibre and helps chinchillas to digest their food. It also helps to grind their teeth down, preventing them from growing too long and becoming painful.

Chinchillas always appreciate treats but it is important to ensure that they are low in sugar and fats. Take a look at the treat section in your local Pets at Home store for ideas and treats that are specifically designed for your animal. Dried fruit or vegetables and breakfast cereals can also be given but only in very small quantities.

Dried fruit can have high levels of sugar and other items like sunflower seeds are high in fat so should be strictly rationed. Secure their feeding bowl onto the cage or provide heavy earthenware bowls to avoid them being tipped over. Remove uneaten food and ensure that their feeding bowls and bottles are cleaned and refilled daily.