Keeping your chinchilla fit and healthy

A healthy diet and hygienic conditions will help to keep your chinchillas in good health but there are a few potential problems that you should be aware of.

As with all rodents, chinchillas’ teeth grow constantly so it’s important to provide hay and wooden toys or mineral stones for gnawing on. Cuttlebone is also great to gnaw on and provides calcium too.

Chinchillas like to keep their soft fur clean and love a good dust bath! It may seem unusual but bathing in special chinchilla dust is a vital part of their grooming routine. Place a chinchilla bath filled with dust in their cage and leave it in for about five minutes at a time. Your animals should bathe several times a week to keep their coat shiny and clean. Take care not to leave the bath in their cage as they may use it as a toilet.

Regularly grooming your animals with a brush or comb will strengthen the bond between you and will help to keep their coats in good condition.

Top tips for healthy animals


Gnawing toys are an essential part of your animals’ dental routine and should always be available as they help to prevent overgrown teeth.

Vitamins and supplements

Vitamins can be added to your animals’ food or water. Probiotic supplements can help to maintain healthy digestion and relieve stress. Getting used to their new surroundings can be stressful for your chinchillas so consider buying probiotic supplements before you take them home.

Hay is essential to aid digestion and it’s also good for your animals’ teeth.


Groom your chinchillas once a week to keep their skin and coats healthy and to strengthen the bond between you and your animals. Regular grooming can also help to highlight health problems.

Cleaning and Hygiene

Clean your animals’ home thoroughly once a week using a animal-safe disinfectant.