Ducks and Swans

Ducks can be found in different sizes of ponds as they’re small and agile. However, swans are much larger and need more space so a small pond is unlikely to be visited by a swan. If you live near to a large pond or lake it can be fun to take some bread with you and feed the ducks and swans at the waterside.

Alternatively, try feeding them Pets at Home’s specially formulated floating nuggets - these are tasty and far more nutritious than bread, making them irresistible. If you sprinkle some of our duck and swan food on to the banks or in the shallows for ducks and a little deeper in the water for swans, you can watch them race over to enjoy this tasty treat.

Watching wildlife is very rewarding. Enjoy helping them in their hunt for food but remember that wild animals are wild and we shouldn’t try to change that. If you do feed them you should only supplement their natural diet - it’s important that they don’t become dependent on you for food.

Swans need a clear runway of at least 20 metres to take off. They look like they’re running along the surface of the water before they lift off into the air.