You’ll recognise a fox by its famous bushy tail and red/orange coat. Foxes are almost as common in towns and cities as they are in the countryside as they like to feast on tasty leftovers in our rubbish.

Foxes are usually more active at dawn and at dusk and they’ll prey on small animals and birds. They feed their cubs on fruit, berries and worms. In urban areas foxes gain most of their food by raiding dustbins, compost heaps and bird tables. Look out for foxes at dusk and leave a supply of kitchen scraps and meat out in your garden to attract them - this might also stop them from raiding your dustbin. Foxes can become tame fairly quickly and are fun to watch, especially the cubs as they jump around and play fight.

Foxes are approximately 35cm from ground to shoulder and weigh around 6 kilos – they’re much smaller than most people think!