You’ll find two types of squirrel, red and grey. The red squirrel is very rare. It’s a solitary animal and eats high up in the trees feeding on seeds, berries and fruit. Any extra food offerings are gladly received by red squirrels as they battle for food with the larger, dominant grey squirrel.

The grey squirrel is bigger than its red cousin and is active in the day, usually for four or five hours after dawn. The grey squirrel also eats high up in the trees but can also be seen on the ground looking for fungi, bulbs, roots and acorns. Squirrels do not hibernate and survive winter by hoarding food earlier in the year. You can help squirrels by placing squirrel feeders by hedges, bushes and trees filled with a variety of nuts and seeds. They like hazelnuts, sunflower seeds and peanuts. Try feeding them a specially formulated squirrel food to distract them from the bird feeders where they can become a nuisance.

Squirrels bury food underground so they don’t go hungry during winter. They’ll bury lots of food in lots of different places so if one hoard is found, all is not lost.