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Harrisons Neonate Formula 350gm (Online Only)

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Harrisons Neonate Formula 350gm (Online Only)

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Harrisons Neonate Formula is scientifically formulated to provide the very best nutrition for a range of the smaller baby parrots.

It is reccommended to be used from hatching through their early life stages to their conversion over to Harrisons Juvenile Organic Hand Feeding Formula (this period varies with the species of bird).

Harrisons Neonate Formula comes as a powder, and when water is added it becomes a creamy liquid and does not seperate on standing.

This helps the food to move through the digestive system and promotes good nutrient absorbtion and assists with healthy growth.

Harrisons Neonate Formula can be used for hand rearing baby birds of other types such as finches and small insectivorous birds.

It is also ideal for the supplementary feeding of finches, canaries and parrots.

Use as a hand feeding formula for smaller parrots, parakeets and cockateils from day 1 until moving over onto juvenile formula.

Can also be used as a hand rearing formula for wild seed-eating birds.

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26 x 17.5 x 3cm