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Black Aquarium Gravel

Product Code: P355

Black Aquarium Gravel

The gravel is the ideal way to enhance the appearance of your fish tank and makes a perfect planting medium due to its size and shape.

Suitable for all coldwater, saltwater and tropical fish tanks, our gravel will help you create the desired look and provides and easily maintained base for your tank.

When changing your aquarium gravel it is important to preserve the biological balance of your aquarium.

We advise that you reduce the amount of food you feed your fish for a couple of days before and after you change the gravel;
Re-use as much of the existing water in the tank as possible;
Use a biological filter aid to help re-establish the biological balance in your aquarium.

Remember to treat any new tap water you use to top up your aquarium with a tap water conditioner.

Approximate Dimensions (Product): H 23.4 x W 16 x D 13.5 cm