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Problem Solving

Q. My cat has smelly breath, what can I do?

A. One of the reasons for smelly breath in cats is the build up of plaque – this is the film on teeth that, in humans, brushing would remove. Dry foods, such as those in the nutrition centre range are better at keeping teeth clean because breaking up the crunchy kibbles acts like a tooth brush and clean teeth help keep gums firm and breath fresh.

If your cat has trouble eating, a sore mouth or smelly breath that does not improve with a good diet, please consult your vet for a professional dental health check.

Q. My cat seems to get a lot of hairballs, where do they come from and can I stop them?

A. Long haired cats or cats who love to groom are often prone to hairballs, which are simply a build up of hair that gets stuck in the stomach. Unable to digest it cats try to eliminate this ‘ball’ of hair by coughing or gagging. You can help your cat remove excess loose hair by regular brushing. Reducing the amount they can ingest, it decreases the risk of hairballs forming.

Nutrition centre diets include high quality animal proteins which help to maintain a healthy coat, minimising excessive shedding and hairball formation. But there are also specially formulated hairball diets with added fibres to help sweep the hair through the gut without getting stuck.

Cat Nutrition

Q. My cat has a sensitive stomach, what can I do?

A. Sensitive stomachs may be a result of food allergies and looking out for foods with no artificial colours, preservatives and flavours can alleviate symptoms.

Sensitive stomachs can also be caused by allergies to milk, wheat and beef, so select a food that draws its protein source from other meats or fish and its carbohydrate from rice, which will maximise digestibility and absorption of nutrients.

Q. Someone told me that feeding dry food alone will cause bladder problems, is this true?

A. No, feeding dry food will not cause bladder problems. Cats are prone to a disease called Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease and this can occur in cats fed on either tinned food or dry food. Nutrition centre foods all contain a high level of animal protein which naturally promote acidic urine and the low levels of magnesium help to maintain a healthy urinary tract.


Cat Nutrition

Q. I feed my cat tinned food and because he doesn’t drink I am worried about feeding a dry cat food, what can I do?

Cats naturally have a very low requirement for water and as tinned food can contain up to 85% water, this provides nearly all their daily requirement of water in one meal. So it is not that your cat doesn’t like drinking, it is just that it doesn’t need to when eating a tinned food diet.

Don’t be concerned about changing your cat’s diet to a dry food; it will drink as much as it needs to, so you just need to ensure it has a fresh supply at all times.

Q. Why isn’t Taurine listed in the ingredients of all dry foods?

A. Taurine is found naturally in all animal proteins. Nutrition centre foods all include high levels of fresh meat or fish and ensure your cat gets a sufficient supply in its diet. Ingredients lists on food packaging only highlight the ingredients that are added during the manufacture of the product so will often not include Taurine, unless it has been added as a supplement.

Q. Is it OK to leave dry cat food out all day?

A. Dry foods are fine to be left out all day, as they will not deteriorate or attract flies like wet food. This will also suit your cat who, when given the choice, will prefer to eat small meals throughout the day and night.

Q. My cat is a fussy eater, what can I do?

A. As independent creatures, cats know what they want and will turn their nose up if they don’t like something! However, this is more about them being sensitive rather than fussy. If your cat has been happily eating the same food and then suddenly refuses to eat it, this may be due to the manufacturer changing the recipe and your cat’s keen sense of smell can detect the difference!

All nutrition centre foods contain consistent recipes, so you can rest assured that your cat is getting its favourite food every day. Packed full of quality ingredients and animal proteins, nutrition centre brands are highly palatable, making for a tasty meal for even the fussiest eater. Free trial, one meal packs are available for many of our nutrition centre foods, so pick one up today and see your cat tuck in.