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4 Fleas Cat Protector

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4 Fleas Cat Protector

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This easy to use spot-on treatment is designed to kill and prevent the development of flea eggs, larvae and pupae, which prevents fleas multiplying and eliminates any potential infestation.

4fleas protector contains Pyriproxyfen, which once administered is stored in the animal's skin and hair follicles.

Each dose offers protection for 3 months, so it requires just 4 treatments to give your pet year round protection from fleas.

Although 4fleas Protector will prevent any eggs laid by an adult flea from developing into more fleas, it will not kill the adult fleas your pet may pick up in the garden or from other animals.

You should use 4fleas Tablets to kill adult fleas.

Safe to use on Cats and Kittens over 4 weeks weighing 1kg to 6kg.

Approximate Dimensions (Product): H 20 x W 10.5 x D 2.5 cm