Hill's Science Plan Sterilised Cat

Your sterilised cat may be at risk: Many responsible pet woners sterilise their cats to avoid unwanted pregnancies and certain behavioural habits. However, sterilised cats are more likely to become overweight and develop urinary conditions. The good news is that specific nutrition can help reduce these risks.

  • 3.4x risk of becoming overweight
  • 7x risk of oxalate stones2
  • 3.5x risk of struvite stones3

Precise nutrition to help keep sterilised cats fit and healthy at every life stage

  • High levels of L-carnitine, clinically proven to help cats keep fit and active
  • High levels of lysine and controlled calories to help cats avoid fat build-up
  • Controlled minerals and pH levels to support kidney function and maintain healthy urinary system, especially in older cats
1. Scarlett JM, Donoghue S. Obesity in cats: Prevalence and Prognosis. Vet Clin Nutr. 1996; 3 (4); 128-132. Lekcharoensuk C, Lulich JP, Osborne CA. et al. Association between patient-related factors and risk fact of calcium oxalate and magnesium ammonium phosphate urolithiasis. JAVMA 2000; 217 (4): 520-525.

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