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Introduction to Pets at Home

These four features will help make your shopping experience even easier.

  • Home page link: The Pets at Home logo, in the top left of your screen is a link to the home page. You can get back to our home page by clicking on this link.
  • Navigation bar: The 'tabbed' navigation bar at the top of the screen directly under the Pets at Home logo shows the names of the "departments" of our online shop. Clicking on one of these names will take you to a new page that contains all sections and products included in that area. The menu on the left hand side of the screen gives you more refined options.
  • Search box: The search box is always at the top of the screen above the navigation bar. You can search by product or brand name, key words such as the product type, or the 8-digit product code.
  • Your basket: Your basket sits on the right-hand side of your screen. It shows you the quantity and subtotal of any products you've put into your basket.

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Prices at Pets at Home

All our prices include VAT but exclude delivery charges, which will be displayed on your delivery and order confirmation page when you order products from us online.

Our online prices are the same as in Pets at Home stores, although occasionally you may find a lower price in one of our stores if it is matching the price of a local competitor, or online if we have a petsathome.com special offer.

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Payment Options

We offer various ways for you to pay for your order, including the following credit and debit cards: Delta; Visa; MasterCard; Maestro and Electron.


Please note, we only accept payment from UK and Ireland registered credit and debit cards.

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Pet care advice

Our pet care advice guides give general advice about buying and caring for a wide range of pets. Click here for the list of guides.

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Using search

Our Search engine works by checking your search term against all the product titles and product codes currently on the website. It then shows products on the page that may match your query.

You can search in broad terms such as dog food, or be more precise such as dry puppy food. A generic term such as basket may return far too many results for you to sift through; however, if you put in cat basket, then you'll get a much more refined result to look at. You'll get the most precise results by searching for a stock code, which you may have obtained from one of our advertisements or by visiting a Pets at Home store.

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How to order

Click here for details of how to order.

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Corporate or bulk orders

We do not currently offer corporate or bulk order discounts.

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