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Large Double Sided Brush

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Large Double Sided Brush

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The Large Double Sided Brush by Pets At Home is perfect for overall grooming.

It not only helps to remove tangles, knots and dead hair, but also stimulates your pet's skin and distributes the natural oils to their coat, helping to keep them looking shiny and healthy.

The pinned side helps to untangle any matted areas and the softer side helps to smooth and perfect.

You should groom your pet on a regular basis, especially during the moulting season or before bathing.

This will help to ensure that your pet remains looking their best, with a knot free, shiny coat.

Directions for use:
When grooming your pet always ensure that you brush gently, especially around the face and delicate eye area.

Always brush in the direction that your pet's coat grows.

Brush the entire coat to ensure that all knots and dead hair are removed.

To remove knots you may need to separate the hair and brush against the direction of growth using the pinned side, remember to be gentle though!
You should groom your pet at least twice a week.

H17.5 x W5 x D7cm