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Curver Pet Basket (Online Only)

Product Code: P3439

Curver Pet Basket (Online Only)

Treat your cat or dog with this Rattan Effect Basket.

The bed features a non slip and shaped edge which helps prevent your furry friend chewing the sides as well as a raised base to keep them clear of the floor and chills.

This bed is also great for the summer as it features paw shaped ventilation holes which allow air to flow through the bed to stop any odour build up and over heating in summer.

The bed is also UV resistant which means you can put your four legged friends bed outside in the sunshine and there will be no fading!

The easy to clean bed is made from a tough material which means you can give the bed a good scrub ensuring the bed stays perfectly hygenic for your cat or dog.

The durable basket will last the duration of your furry friends life and only the cushions or blankets will need replacing in time.

Approximate Dimensions (Product):

Small - 17 x 68 x 50cm
Medium - 20 x 88 x 70cm
Large - 25 x 110 x 92cm