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Scruffs Eco Mattress Bed (Online Only)

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Scruffs Eco Mattress Bed (Online Only)

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Snuggle up with Scruffs and help the environment!

Recycled plastic bottles provide the PET polymer material, reducing the burden on our landfills and natural resources.

The manufactruing process releases less CO2 emissions than producing standard fabric.

The process starts by collecting post consumer plastic bottles.

The bottles have their labels and caps removed, then they are cleaned and disinfected.

The plastic bottles are cut into glakes, before being melted and liquidfied.

The resuld is re-engineered PET.

This can be formed into many different grades of fibre, for producing 100% recycled fill and fabric.

Machine Washable at 30 degree wash

Approximate Dimensions (Product):

18 x 70 x 100cm.